The Katie Perry Diet – Wanna Try?

Katie Perry DietI bet even you are a Katie Fan. Who’s not? I mean, not only does she make good music, but I’m sure almost every girl admires her figure.

If you’re interested to know what type of diet she’s in, well she also loves pizzas, and would definitely enjoy one serving of crispy beef or a burger. Surprised?

But despite the comfort that finishing one whole order of pizza, she enjoys eating what she calls the “diet of fives.”

Katie simply loves to drink only soya milk or water and make sure that she only eats organic meat together with her five meals to keep her perfectly trimmed body.

It may be hard to believe, but Katie doesn’t really follow any strict calculations of any sorts when it comes to her diet. No Katie Perry Diet 1calorie counting, no food weighing and no carbs cutting. However, she always makes sure that she eats only what’s in her own diet. Care to know what those “fives” are?

The “5 Factor Diet & Fitness Plan”

– 5 meals/day.
– 5 phases of exercise, 5 mins long each, 5 five days in a week.
– 5 criteria for every meal: low GI carb, lean protein, “good fats,” fiber and sugar-free drink
– 5 cheat days in five weeks – meaning one only per week.