Michael Kors at Ny Fashion Week Fall 2013

Michael Kors’ fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection is bound to cause a stir as the designer’s unique take on American classic sportswear never ceases to amaze. With more than three decades of experience in the world of fashion design, Michael Kors needs no introduction as his creations have managed to make women weak at the knees on an international level. Fashion is supposed to be exciting, fun and a bit glamorous and it seems that Michael Kors’ designs seem to capture to perfection each of these must-have details.

Proof of his native designing skills can be easily spotted by checking some of the designer’s previous collection and you can start with Michael Kors’ pre-fall 2013 collection which took a retro chic approach that’s quite difficult to resist!

If the brand’s interesting approach to style is not enough to get you browsing through the designer’s past collections, the lovely display of handbags, shoes, jewelry and accessories should do the trick! Michael Kors’ handbags ooze luxury with a contemporary appeal, so check them out as a woman can never have enough accessories to play with!

Now, if you’re mesmerized by the creativity of the designer stay tuned as we’ll feature Michael Kors’ fall 2013 collection from New York Fashion Week as soon as it makes its debut on February 13, 2013 at Theater starting 10 AM!

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